Social Justice Movement of India

Bishop Sargunam is the Founder-President of a socio-political organisation called Social Justice Movement of India.  SJMI organises seminars, conferences and demonstrations to uphold justice, liberty and equal opportunity for the oppressed and suppressed of India.

His fearless resolve to even lay down his life for the religious and social rights of the oppressed people was manifest when he braved the fascist Gujarat government and sat on a twelve-day fast in protest against the desecration and takeover of a worship place of the tribal Christians of Chhindia in November-December 2000.  He was manhandled by the Gujarat police who forcibly evicted him and got him admitted to a hospital, where he continued his fast in his effort to become a voice for the voiceless.

Bishop Ezra Sargunam is a very compassionate, kind-hearted and humane person.  People of all religions love him for his educational and social service.  His motto in life is, ‘GOD FIRST, OTHERS SECOND, ME LAST’. He is a friend of almost all the leading politicians in India who stand for the cause of the oppressed and the suppressed.

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