Socio-Political Activities

As the Executive Vice President of the United Minorities Forum, Tamil Nadu-Pondicherry, and as a member of various inter-religious, cultural and social organisations, Bishop Sargunam has played a key role in promoting religious and social harmony among various peoples of India, especially in the South.

As a social and political activist, Bishop Sargunam has participated in various demonstrations in support of human rights and the rights of the Dalits , minorities and the oppressed people of India. Recognising Bishop Sargunam’s service towards religious and social harmony, the Government of Tamil Nadu appointed him as the Chairman of the State Minorities Commission for two three-year terms. During the six years in office, he was instrumental in securing employment opportunities in the government and private sectors for the socially and economically marginalised sections of the society and had resolved a number of problems of the minorities in the State of Tamil Nadu through negotiations.

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